Links 9/6

4 links, 2 songs, 2 videos.

4 Links

Resource Pressure alters Gender Equality in antiquity
I think the shortage or abundance of resources on civilizations and social structures isn’t talked about enough. If getting enough food is a concern, what is needed out of your society is completely different than it is when food is always plentiful.

French Physics Paintings
Long article, but the pictures are the real show here. A lot of imagination was required to create these images with basically no reference but theoretical descriptions.

Ages of Discord Review
Attributing societal changes throughout the history of the US to a cycle that feeds itself and seems fairly regular and predictable. Like every Slate Star Codex article, it’s very long but it is worth scanning each paragraph to find a section that interests you.

High brow vs low brow 1949
Infographic from 1949 magazine showing what high brow people enjoy- like wine, ballet and… Kurt Versen lamps? – from what the scrum of society enjoy- things like beer, coleslaw and jukeboxes.

2 Songs

Always Sayin’ – Littlest Man Band
A former member of my high school obsession, Reel Big Fish, Scott Klopfenstein moves away from ska into big, sweeping songs showing off an impressive vocal range and dynamism in song composition that was somehow lost on his former gig.


Fatman- G. Love and Special Sauce
G. Love and Special Sauce in the 90’s were all about hitting a groove, and Fatman is the perfect intro to that. The debut album of this group is one of my favorites of all time. Hiphop garage blues is totally unique, absolutely nobody asked for it, but here it is and I love that.


2 videos

Ten Cent Beer Night Riot
Mix together baseball, Texans, people who live in Cleveland, the 70’s and 10c beer…what do you get?

Third Industrial Revolution
Long video (its a full Documentary by VICE) but a very interesting take on a possible solution for climate change, the evolving economic landscape and the resulting stresses on society.