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1 Video

The Most Disturbing Painting- Nerdwriter1
I know very little about appreciating art, so anything that gives me context is very helpful. And this guy’s videos are always extremely well done.

3 Articles

Flying Cars– Got lost down the rabbit hole looking at the future of Air Taxis and autonomous personnel drones. Another story.

Santiago naval battle – Spanish American War naval battle breakdown. Pretty much enough said, you know if you’ll find it interesting or not.

Building the Pyramids– Breakdown of how people most likely built the pyramids without the aid of aliens or a mysterious, ancient civilization.

3 Songs

We’re going to do more than songs here, we may be talking about albums or concerts, but all in effort of taking a brief (extremely brief) look at the evolution of a genre.

Jerry Lee Lewis- Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On
Rockabilly– 1955 – Jerry Lee Lewis was wild, man. He’d start off a concert as a button downed, hair slicked back nice guy- it looked like he was going to play Ode to Joy at your mom’s church. By the end of the concert his hair had shaken out to look like a rag, he was up on the piano, not playing anymore, just kind of yelling and shaking his body. This is early, undistilled punk rock energy. (Concert is from the 60’s).
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Link Wray- Vernon’s Diamond
Garage Rock– 1958- You can’t talk about Punk without Link Wray because he apparently invented the Power Chord. Many notable guitarists claim they wouldn’t have started if they didn’t hear Wray. He died a few years back and videos of his most famous song, Rumble, made the internet rounds, but Vernon’s Diamond shows the best look backwards and forwards. The beach rock drums are in the background while Wray lays out his trademark distorted slow chords, but then at about the 50 second mark he explodes into power chords.
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Raw Power- The Stooges
Early Punk– 1973- I love when artists are very clearly ahead of their time. The title track of this album in particular is the bridge between early garage rock, rockabilly and and early punk. The Link Wray power chords and the lyrics look forward, while in the background of Iggy Pop’s cracking scream you can hear the piano keys being slammed down like Jerry Lee Lewis. After this album, punk was well on its way.
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