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West Virginia Coal Wars
A LOT of my time this week was lost in this. That lost time includes finding a proper quality version of the 1987 movie Matewan with Chris Cooper and James Earl Jones available online. It’s not available to stream/rent anywhere, unless you’re willing to watch a YouTube VHS upload or an internet archives site with decent picture quality but non-english subtitles turned on.

Pirate Queen of the Black Fleet
Taking “don’t need no man” to a whole new level.

How time stopped circling and percolating and started running on tracks
Quick dive into how the world adapted universal rules on how to deal with time during the Renaissance through the Industrial Revolution.

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Impromptu busking duo in the Berlin subway– This made the rounds a few years back, but there’s no harm in visiting it again. Apparently there’s some backstory or drama about the guy or the girl being a jerk about the streaming rights or something? I don’t know and don’t really care.

Norwegian Sea Shanty– Being sung by sailors as they come into port, the call and response echo throughout the entire harbor.

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Zelda & Chill- Mikel & GameChops
Some lo-fi nostalgia for anyone who like Zelda, and some of the best work/ study music I’ve found. Full album.
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Shallow Be Thy Game- Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the most prolific rock band of the past 30 years. Shallow Be Thy Game is a very underrated RHCP song because it is buried towards the end of one of their lower rated albums. Frusciante had left the band, Kiedis’ drug habit was as bad as ever, but Rick Rubin was producing and they pulled together some bangers.
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Old Hobo- Furry Lewis
Furry Lewis was born in the 1800’s and toiled in relative obscurity until he was “re-discovered” during the blues revival of the 60’s. He played delta & country blues, the latter of which is obvious in this recording with his understated yodeling. He did his first recordings in the 20’s and then wasn’t recorded again until 1959. Between this time he worked as a street sweeper in Memphis to support his semi-professional music career, but he stuck with it and ended up opening for the Rolling Stones. I don’t know why I gravitate to this song of his specifically, maybe because it comes off as fairly genuine, even I’m not sure if Lewis ever truly was a hobo. 
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