EP Review – Blac Rabbit (2017)

Blac Rabbit Promo Photo – Credit blacrabbit.bandcamp.com

Genre – Psychedelic Rock
Spotify Listeners – 56k
What to Expect – drawn out, echoing vocals; harmonies; pleasing structures with complex variations layered; early Beatles, Love and Tame Impala vibes

Brothers/frontmen Amiri and Rahiem Taylor mention that they struggle to balance their adoration for the Beatles with finding their own identity. If they wanted, a Beatles cover band is more than in the realm of possibility. But Blac Rabbit does manage to carve out their own identity, taking the melodic style from early Beatles and 60’s psychedelic rock and bringing it into the soundcloud, bedroom rock styles of today. 

I like Blac Rabbit’s 2017 EP because I think they do an amazing job of pushing their creativity while staying within a limited realm of structures. I’m certain that this limitation is a conscious choice and not a limitation on their part. Their Beatles influence shows through in that their songs are very pleasing to the ear, you don’t have to strain to appreciate them. Anyone can just fuck around with a song until it’s complicated as hell and try to pass that as creativity. Blac Rabbit commits to a structure and uses effects, meaningful lyrics, melodic breaks and instrumentals to shine through. The first track, All Good, is so catchy that on your first listen by the time the third verse comes around you’re singing along to the “It’s all goooood” refrains that begin each line. Finding that mix between catchy and novel is difficult to do and they dance that line perfectly on almost every song on this EP. I think they do this again very well on Closer to the sun, when they pass a strong backbeat back and forth between sections of a driving guitar riff and their soft, melodic vocals.

On the band’s Spotify page they have another EP which is a live Audiotree sessions recording which is also pretty damn good- it makes me want to make sure I know when they’re coming around my part of the country so I won’t miss it. Blac Rabbit has released some singles in anticipation of a full album release, though it looks like they delayed it, possibly so they could tour with the album after Covid-19 restrictions fell off. These singles are good, and I’m really anticipating the album. They’ve obviously taken another step in their production and you can hear the the mix is much more professional, but at least until the full album releases I’m sticking with their self produced, recorded and mixed EP debut over the new singles. It feels like the natural extension of their subway busking origins, feels like it’s truly their own music.