My name is Zeno J. Jones. Technically I’m a marketing professional out of Louisville, KY. Thank you for reading this blog. I’m happy for you that you have so much free time to waste.

Music & Reviews

I’m simultaneously going through my own record collection and working to find new artists to review. I’ll give anything a listen as long as its genuine. My record collection in the “B” section alone contains Bob Dylan, B.B. King, Beethoven, the Black Diamond Heavies, Amanda Bergman, Bosq, Count Basie, Bukka White, Biz Markie, Booker T. and the MG’s and Boston (among others). I’ll listen to lo-fi and trip-hop in the background at work and then get giddy when I’m in the car and WFPK (Louisville, KY) turns on the bluegrass hour. That being said, I tend to gravitate towards blues and roots based music like early garage rock. Now I might like a lot, but I can be picky within genres- I am pretty hard to please with blues. That being said I will only write about music that I absolutely love, I don’t have the energy for negative reviews.

Feel free to submit anything for review- zenojjones@gmail.com . In the e-mail subject put “Submission – [Band Name]”.

About Me

Thanks to a genetic trait handed down to me by my dad, I get really into new, short lived hobbies every few months. I’m essentially a 30 year echo of him- fainter and less defined, but the same general noise. I’ve gone through obsessions of woodworking, modding video games, history, blues music, videography, bartending, world building, being a brewer’s apprentice and historic home renovation. I am an expert in none of this. I don’t have the talent or time to be a true renaissance man, so I’ll stick with being a modern generalist.

I am a multi trillionaire and have hidden my vast gold reserves in natural deposits all throughout the world. So if you ever stumble across any please return it to me as soon as possible.

Life is like a road trip. As a younger man my road trip took a stop in a little place called Harvard, which was essential to my development into a slightly older man. There I learned how to think properly and how to conduct myself as an adult. And if I had never stopped in that town on my road trip back from a Weird Al concert my life would not have been the same, but I did. I stopped there and got a sandwich. And that sandwich changed my life. I mean, there was a fried egg on it. I had never heard of that before. It was life changing (also cholesterol changing). I went to school at the University of Louisville to study business. It took years and it doesn’t seem that important now that I think about it. Then I went back for 2 more years to study masochism. They said they didn’t offer that degree but as a consolation they let me get an MBA, which seems very impressive if you’ve never been part of an MBA program.

Now, about this blog. It is important to read the entire about me section before starting the blog. Don’t gloss over it and just move to the good stuff. This is the good stuff. I promise. So if you’re not enjoying yourself right now, turn back because it won’t get any better. Simply read each word in backwards order you’ll forget everything you’ve read so far, like winding back an old cassette. You could sue me for time you’ve wasted but it would only waste more time. I’d give you some of my time as consolation but I waste all of it making music and writing this blog.

If you need waste some time, tell me why I’m wrong about something or have something interesting to add, my email is zenojjones@gmail.com


Chris Jones– Photography


Spencer Price– Industrial Design


Natalie Kaelin-
Prop/Photo Stylist


Jared Kaelin– Landscape Architecture


Stonewater Context – What does it mean?

I don’t know, let’s make something up.

Stonewater can represent to the limestone filtered water that gives the proper mineral properties to the Kentucky water used when distilling bourbon- a claim of which I am aware is little more than marketing spin. I am also aware that bourbon isn’t region locked like Champagne or Tequila, but it should be. It’s all we’ve got, damnit. Just as faux champagne must be called sparkling wine and fake tequila is legally mandated to be called mezcal, corn mash whisky made outside of the Bluegrass should be called something else, like pisswater or Jack Daniel’s.