Dark as a Dungeon- Mining in Appalachian Kentucky: Part 1

It’s a modern day luxury to not have your work define your life. From antiquity up through some point in the 20th century this was essentially the case for everyone. Many surnames exist as a shortening of how people used to be defined- Miller, Smith, Baker, Potter, Cooper, Farmer, Hunt, Page, Thatcher, Woodman, Turner- people’s names were tied to their occupations just as their very lives. It’s hard to imagine those ties in modernity...

Eating your Vegetables

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The trouble is nobody takes the time to form one. Truly forming an opinion takes time. Gathering facts, considering cause and effect, considering causes from all angles without judgement and coming to a conclusion is exceedingly difficult. But it doesn’t stop people from trying. Most people end up trying by taking a quick look and offering a hot take. These bad habits which keep us from forming strong opinions are kicked back to us in a feedback loop by leaders who stoop to our attention levels. We're left talking about big things with little knowledge in the form of stolen hot takes that sound like they're from bumper stickers.

The New Protest Song

I started off this post from a single thought which was quickly proven wrong, “Why aren’t protest songs as good as they used to be?”. Almost immediately after looking into this idea I was pushed to reconsider how I approach modern music almost entirely. During this process I got to correct my assumptions and learned to appreciate music in a whole new way.