Cold Beverage

A deep blues & rock ‘n roll appreciation project

Zeno Jones – Guitar; Hollerin’
Rodney B.- Drums, Hollerin’ in the background

Cold Beverage has been an on-again-off-again unit for nearly 10 years based in and around Louisville, KY USA. Childhood friends from Louisville, KY Cold Beverage started when a bunch of friends began breaking into a friend’s church in the middle of the night to practice on the stage. Other band members eventually lost interest until there was just Rodney and Zeno left, who wanted to keep going- they began playing new songs that they could fill out with only the two of them and called themselves Cold Beverage. Zeno is a fan and performs on his own with an act focusing on deep blues, while Rodney likes to focus on raw rock ‘n roll. Always focused on capturing the raw energy of live performance, Cold Beverage is unafraid of voice cracks, breakdowns, and other beauty marks, and lays down heavy blues & rock riffs the only way they know- totally out of control.


Here Comes the Flood (Netherlands)- Hot Wax, their new album takes the approach of the Black Keys and The Sideshow Tragedy to the next level, making the distorted guitar howl like it was recorded in a runaway cement mixer and the drum fills bouncing off the walls, with all the needles so deep in the red that a power outage is barely avoided.
Add to WantlistThe riffs are heavy, the lyrics are captivating, the vocals are raw as they should be, the structures are surprising (their greatest distinctive assets), and the instruments give each other room to shine. Very cool. And yeah, they blow your neighbors houses down.
Indie Dock Music Blog (UK) – Musical dynamics are impulsive…Garage-punk is cool in its grayness and simplicity.
Music Mecca (US) – The album opens with the instrumental track “Retro Rockets,” featuring a sneaky, gritty guitar riff and a heavy, blues-rock hook that sets the tone for the project