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Retro Review : John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat – Hooker ‘n Heat (1971)

You can’t get too lost in blues talking only about Chicago style, hill country blues is where the genre has maintained its charm. We’re talking blues where rhythm is king, not wailing guitar solos. And nobody took that lesson with them up north better than John Lee Hooker. Nothing will surpass a legendary John Lee […]

Retro Review: Buddy Guy – Stone Crazy!

The best blues album ever put to wax. This is Buddy Guy at his height of inventiveness, seasoned but still fresh, somehow in complete command of his craft and totally out of control at the same time. This is the definitive Chicago blues album – funnily enough, Buddy Guy had to go to France to […]

Album Review – Liz Cooper & The Stampede: Live in Chicago (2019)

Genre – Americana, Nashville indie, Folk Rock, PsychedelicSpotify Listeners – 290kWhat to Expect – Stylistic voice; having fun with the crowd; progression of energy from beginning to end; fantastic guitar when she lets it really go  My fiancé and I both love Liz Cooper, which is a rare thing for us as our musical tastes […]

EP Review – Blac Rabbit (2017)

Genre – Psychedelic RockSpotify Listeners – 56kWhat to Expect – drawn out, echoing vocals; harmonies; pleasing structures with complex variations layered; early Beatles, Love and Tame Impala vibes Brothers/frontmen Amiri and Rahiem Taylor mention that they struggle to balance their adoration for the Beatles with finding their own identity. If they wanted, a Beatles cover […]

Retro Review: Soledad Brothers – Soledad Brothers

“This one goes out to all you rock ‘n roll philistines, all you non-believers. We’re going to give it to you Soledad Style.” Genre: Punk/Blues, RootsWhat To Expect: Lo-fi recording, high energy, extended riffing, distorted slide guitars, harmonica and vocals, off-key singing (only where necessary), and some slight blasphemy When watching my brother’s imported copy […]

Retro Review – R.L. Burnside – Burnside on Burnside

Credit- Fat Possum Records RL Burnside is an under-appreciated master of rhythm. Burnside recorded some in his youth but went widely unnoticed for decades unlike his contemporaries, one of which included Mississippi Fred McDowell (who was at one point his next door neighbor). But Burnside continued to play despite his lack of fame and recognition. […]

Deep Blues – Son House, Hollers & Slide Guitar

I love blues music. I believe that anyone with an interest in either music or history should learn to appreciate what is, perhaps only debatable to jazz, the largest influence on all of today’s popular music.

Mini-Post – Roots of Punk

Last week I happened across 3 tracks while I was working which I believe do a great job laying out the roots of the first wave Punk rock movement of the late 70’s. It is absolutely nowhere close to all encompassing, but it’s a quick look…

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